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I am one of two people that have brought this wonderful technology to South Africa. As a wellness practitioner of over 17 years I strived to bring only the most natural solutions for my clients. 

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My Story

Embark on a wellness odyssey with me, Mandy Vermaak, as I recount my 17-year tenure in the wellness realm, including a decade nurturing a practice in the scenic George along the Garden Route. The LifeWave saga in South Africa began with me in 2018, when I sought to enhance my clients' well-being through this pioneering technology, sourced from the UK.


Initially, my focus wasn't on business expansion but on the transformative potential of LifeWave for my wellness practice. However, in 2021, a fellow Network Marketing enthusiast reached out, eager to scale LifeWave's presence. Together, we ignited the journey of growth. Introducing LifeWave to South Africa was a formidable venture, yet through perseverance, we've forged robust ties with the European corporate team and LifeWave itself.


Today, we proudly stock LifeWave products to fuel South Africa's burgeoning demand, with a reliable courier network ensuring timely deliveries nationwide. When the lockdowns hit, I pivoted, closing my practice to devote myself entirely to LifeWave, a testament to my passion for empowering others to recognize the value of cultivating a side hustle for supplemental or even primary income.


In the past two and a half years, my knowledge has deepened, and we've crafted an exceptional process to bolster anyone's LifeWave Business growth. Network Marketing, often misunderstood and underestimated, requires time, discipline, and consistency to flourish. It's not the industry that falls short; rather, it's the lack of perseverance in people that leads to unmet expectations.


This industry can be your vessel to financial liberation, but it demands earnest effort. Within my team, I offer stellar training to instill the right mindset for success in this industry. We've developed a replicable process enabling daily engagement with a broader audience, regardless of geographical constraints. With unwavering dedication, discipline, and consistency, you too can write your own success story in the world of Network Marketing.




3 months wearing Glutathione patches

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I'm always looking for new brand partners or people that want to change their health for the better or help those around them.


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