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We stock our own products for the growth in South Africa
Delivery 2-5 working days.

If you 
require any assistance please feel free to contact us directly.


For International Orders - Please change the country at the top right hand corner of the LifeWave website.

Register as a Lifewave customer
in as little as 10min then you are all set to order your patches. 

Please watch the video below before ordering your patches.


To order as a normal customer watch the video below.

The best way to order 3 months supply of X39 Lifewave Patches
@ wholesale price

Look at the PDF below.


Are you thinking of starting your Lifewave journey with Lifewave?

The NEW PC+ Program for new customers is going to make it so much for exciting for you to stay on your patches for longer.

Join Lifewave's PC+ Program and benefits from all the extras you can receive when you do.

PC+ Program from Lifewave - 6 Months Subscription

Joining Fee $19,95

Get your products at wholesale price.

Benefit from the loyalty rewards and receive Lifewave swag on month 3, 6, 9 & 12


Benefit from the FREE Sample packs of 10 monthly with your 6 month subscription.

Month 1 - Receive sample pack of 10 X39 Stem Cell Activating Patches

Month 2 - Receive sample pack of Aeon Patches

Month 3 - Receive sample pack of Glutathione Patches

Month 4 - Receive sample pack of Silent Night Patches

Month 5 - Receive sample pack of Carnosine Patches

Month 6 - Get a full sleeve of any of the above patches FREE (Excluding the X39)

Now staying young and full of vitality right up to your old age has never been easier.

Benefits while using this amazing photo light therapy technology to tap into your wellness:

Better Sleep

More Energy

Pain Relief

Wound Healing

Mental Clarity

Youthfulness from the inside out.


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